Talk about VKMS accepted in linuxdev-br

25 Jul 2018
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Figure 1. linuxdev-br

Recently, I submitted a talk about VKMS in a conference named Linux Developer Conference Brazil (linuxdev-br)[1] and got accepted [2]. I am delighted with this opportunity, since I attended linuxdev-br 2017 as a complete newbie and the conference provided me the required inputs to start working in the Kernel. Also, I had the opportunity to talk with great kernel developers and learn a little bit more with them. As a result, I have a lot of affection for this conference; presenting at linuxdev-br 2018 means a lot to me.

In the talk, I will explain how I started with Linux Kernel and got accepted in the GSoC 2018. Following that, I want to provide an overview of the DRM subsystem and finish with the explanation of the VKMS. I want to detail some of the features that I developed, and I will try to explain the features developed by Haneen. As soon as I have the presentation done, I will post it here.


  1. Linux Developer Conference Brazil
  2. Linuxdev-br speakers

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